Monday, January 16, 2012


So here is the usual "long time no see."  Today I sent out an email to my colleagues and afterwards thought, this could have been a post.  Then my wife came home with a message from a colleague saying I needed to start blogging.  I guess you can say "I saw the sign."

Today during our staff development day, a few colleagues shared out what they have learned at their Cultures of Thinking workshops.  It prompted me to send out the email below and to then think it should have been a post.
Hey all mathy folk,

Earlier today we chatted about student thinking. Later on at CJHS building activities, Darlene shared out something from cultures of thinking called see-think-wonder routine. My first thought while she was talking was "who stole #anyqs?"

For those of you who haven't dipped your toes into reading math teacher blogs or poking around twitter, #anyqs is a hashtag (a way to tag a conversation) that people use when posting (tweeting) something to do with a math topic you see around you.  #anyqs is short for "any questions?"  Example below:

(Here is the link from above if you were curious)

Yup, a whole bunch of math teachers out there just posting up stuff for you to use (of course if you are a nice guy you would go back and comment on the blog letting the person know how it went, what you did differently, etc.  That's the idea behind sharing online.)

Want to know/see more?  This is the one that started the whole idea behind #anyqs.  Here is a spreadsheet (google doc of course) of possible #anyqs created by Dan Meyer (the guy your probably saw this about. This post describes the three acts of #anyqs.  Here are some blog posts describing more about the idea behind #anyqs and how you might use it.

If you have twitter, search for the hashtag #anyqs and you will see many more ideas being tossed around that you might use or spark a conversation with. Just to help show what you can do with twitter, here is an example of some teachers (PS these are 3 teachers on opposite sides of the U.S. who only met through twitter, PSS if you are on twitter you should follow those 3) talking through a lesson plan involving #anyqs.


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