Saturday, February 16, 2013

TMC13 Session Idea

I have an idea for a session at TMC13 but would like a partner. Oh, and there is a catch, I probably will not be there in person and will skype or gchat in.

Many of us are using standards based grading, I was thinking of having a session of sharing tips, strategies for dealing with the logistics. Things like handling reassessments (scheduling and creation of), gradebook use, etc.

I have a strategy about the reassessment process I would like to share with everyone.

I have gleefully stolen from Sam and Bowman their version of applying for reassessment. I like how the email version Sam uses you can reply to the students. My downfall is my junior high kids for some reason have a hard time figuring silly things out like to erase the [list reasons here] or even where to put their responses. For some reason it confused them, seriously. I then saw Bowman's use of Google form. Our school district is all Google so it would be easy. However as Sam has noted, it can be a pain to go check the spreadsheet and try to read the responses.

Enter the wonderful world of scripts. I have a Google form set up similar to Bowman. However, the responses from the form are emailed to me. The email looks like a regular email, very easy to read AND I can reply to the email which is sent to the student like normal. But wait there's more, from the email I can then create an event in my Google calendar to help me keep track of who is coming in and for what reason. This has saved me lots of time. So, I would like to share. It would probably take me 20 minutes to do a guided walk through on how to set up the Google form correctly. So, here is where a co-presenter(s) could share their tips/strategies for managing sbg.

Any takers?

Ohh yeah, the part about how I will not be there in person. My wife and I had this silly notion this past Thanksgiving of starting to browse for houses so that when we really wanted to start looking in June we would know how the process worked and what we would look for in a house. Well, browsing turned into buying, took only two house. We got a great deal in a location we wanted and in the school district we teach in. I can actually walk to work with my son (his elementary is on the same campus as the junior high). We moved just after the winter break and are now paying two mortgages. Anyone want to move to Michigan and buy a house? Plus we got a great deal because this house needs some improvements, so we probably will not be able to make TMC13. Booo.

If anyone is interested in co-hosting a session, let me know.


  1. Sounds like a good presentation! I don't think I've been doing SBG for long enough to help out. Just this second semester, and just with one of my 6 classes. And... I probably won't make it for a similar reason. 2 mortgages. Had a renter in one, but not a reliable one :( And owe more than it's even worth now.

  2. I'd be happy to help out. I did SBG the past three years and would have loved something like this. I've also lead a discussion on SBG at PCMI and it's such a great conversation. Just let me know :]